Jagbe Industrial Spray Painter

Especially designed to spray thinners based paints. These grunty airless piston pump spray painters have a huge delivery of up to 4 Litres per minute within a continual working range of 1000- 3000 psi. with max pressure of 4200 psi .

They can run 2 spray guns through 0.54mm nozzles delivering a smooth and even coating.

The price includes: The machine on pneumatic wheels, 1 x Spray gun,  1 x 15m hose with 4500psi rating, one 0.84mm delivery nozzle. Weighs 48 KG …Its not a toy.

Normally NZ$5270 plus taxes.

Special price until end of March 16 NZ$3879 plus taxes

Model JISP1150
Model JISP1150

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