Dangerous, Flammable and Chemical Goods Storage

To order phone (021) 344362       or       email bruce@jagbe.co.nz

Prices including Free freight delivery in NZ

30 Litre (770mm H x 515mm W x 460mm D) $1160+gst
60 Litre (1065mm H x 515mm W x 460mm D) $1260+gst
100 Litre (770mm H x 965mm W x 620mm D) $1680+gst
160 Litre (1295mm H x 1100mm W x 460mm D) $1780+gst
250 Litre (1825mm H x 1100mm W x 500mm D) $2180+gst
350 Litre (1825mm H x 860mm W x 860mm D) $3145+gst

1000 Litre ( 2000mm H x 2400mmW x 1000mm D) $POA
2000-5000 Litres Call 021344362

Electronic Access Control available for each cabinet as an option
The only cabinets available with mandatory earthquake security brackets.

Only 250 Litres of Class 3 liquids can be stored inside your workshop. If more storage is required then a second cabinet can be positioned inside but only one per every 500m2 of floor space.
For free advice on any class 3 or chemical storage please call 021344362

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New Enforcements for Health and Safety  start on 01 April 16.

Be seen to be keeping your work place safe, Contact the Fire Brigade to let them know where your Dangerous Goods are stored. Let Your insurance company know as well .

Be pro-active !

Contact a Test Certifier to ensure you have the right storage cabinets for your paints,DGs and Chemicals.

We have a range of Flammable goods storage and Chemical storage cabinets for sale which meet the EPA and the HSNO regulations.

With the new Health and Safety regulations commencing on 1 April 16, it may be prudent to protect your staff and premise from potential disaster and the huge fines which follow.

A very good way to keep a check on all of your inventory as it come in or goes out. Be seen to do the right thing, its just good management !

Your Class 6 flammables and chemicals can be stored in these double skinned cabinets especially designed with secondary containment ( Bunds ) to contain spillage and reduce hazards of chemical leaking into our drains and waterways. Up to 250 litres can be stored inside your workshop with safety.

The self closing doors and spark arrestors within the vents, reduces the risk of sparks entering the cabinets.  The double skins, 40mm apart, act like a thermos and keep the inside ambient temperature less than the outside temperature , therefore deterioration of your product is reduced.

Storage of more than 250 litres must be stored outdoors in a bunded especially designed building, Container or shed. Too many to list lets talk.

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